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Product Description

This fantastic Finnish liquorice is the perfect combination of salty salmiak liquorice with a treat of a caramalised sweet coating – beautifully balanced for a full flavour sensation. If you’ve not come across Salmiak liquorice before, it’s also known as salmiac or salmiakki and takes its name from the Salmiak salt used in its production. Our sensational Finnish salmiak liquorice sweets are soft centred with a caramelised sugar coating, giving you that brackish tang as you bite into it – a Nordic delight and one of our top sellers. 

  • Sweet coating
  • Salmiak liquorice
  • Soft

These salmiak liquorice sweets are also sometimes known as Finnish salmiak truffles, Finse Dropstokies or liquorice salted caramel truffles – we don’t really mind what you call them, we just recommend adding a bag to your basket and making sure you try these soft Finnish liquorice delights as soon as possible!

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Ingredients: Sugar, molasses, WHEAT flour, glucose syrup, water, liquorice extract,  ammonium chloride, modified corn starch, coconut fat, stabiliser (E420), modified potato starch, colour, (E150C), emulsifier (E471), coconut oil, natutal flavour (Anis) 

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