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Wine And Liquorice Pairings You’ve Probably Never Tried Before


Sept 20, 2021

Wine and Liquorice: is it a crazy idea?

One of the best things about adulthood is that you can have your favourite food with wine and nobody will judge you for it. Pairing wine and liquorice isn’t a bad idea at all and sommeliers don’t disagree with that, however, it can get a little bit more complicated than pairing wine and cheese due to the high levels of sugar.

A general rule you could follow is making sure your wine is a little bit sweeter than your liquorice so that it doesn’t taste bitter when combined. Another factor you could take into consideration are the aromas of the wine in combination with the flavours of the treat. For example, if you have a raspberry flavoured liquorice you can try to pair it with a wine that has aromas of red fruits and earthy tones.

Food and wine pairing is all about being creative at combining different foods with different wines. Through the process of pairing, we are trying to elevate both the flavour of the food and the aromas of the wine while maintaining the perfect balance between these two elements.

Dry wines have a sweeter taste and they pair beautifully with desserts and dark chocolate. If you are a more adventurous wine drinker you could also try pairing wine with liquorice. The possibilities are endless since you can play with the earthy tones, the spiciness and the different levels of sugar. In this article, you will find three wine and liquorice pairings that probably you have never tried before and will definitely surprise you.

Milk Chocolate Coated Liquorice and Merlots

Wine and chocolate are a very famous couple since both of them have intensity and some fruity sweet notes. That doesn’t mean you can pair all wines with all types of chocolate. If you are new to chocolate and wine pairing try starting with lighter pairings and then moving to the more intense ones.

Milk chocolate is a quite mild and balanced option, it has a nutty flavour and it tastes like milky cocoa butter. Milk chocolate combined with liquorice is a treat with a very unique identity thanks to the saltiness of the liquorice and the creaminess of the chocolate. Milk Chocolate Coated Liquorice is a blend of 58% milk chocolate and 40% liquorice that you can enjoy alone but also pair with a great wine.

The best choice of wine for these chocolaty treats are sweet whites or mild reds. A Pinot Noir could be a spectacular option for this pairing since it is one of the most well-known light-bodied red wines, it has a smooth finish and some red fruit and spice aromas that elevate the taste of the milk chocolate liquorice.

Another great alternative is a Merlot, with supple tannins, dark cherry flavours and a chocolate finish. Merlot’s earthy notes will balance the intense combination of liquorice with milk chocolate but it will still not be overshadowed by them.

Cherry Chilli Liquorice and Cabernet Sauvignon

We are moving to a more special and gourmet liquorice treat in combination with chilli and cherry flavours. This sweet is an unexpected match that will pleasantly surprise your taste buds. A liquorice treat with fruity cherry notes and just a little bit of spice that could be paired with an aged Cabernet Sauvignon.

There are various types of Cabernet Sauvignon, others are more fruity, smokey or spicy but we would recommend you to pick a Cabernet from Bordeaux, France since it is the most savoury one. The “Bordeaux Blend” has an aftertaste of anise and tobacco and that’s what makes it a perfect partner for our Cherry Chilly Liquorice. Cabernet Sauvignon has a very interesting taste profile since it is dry, with medium-high tannins and medium acidity.

Honingdrop Honey Liquorice Sweets with Syrah

Combining wine and honey is an ancient gastronomic tradition. Historically ancient Romans and ancient Greeks used to combine wine and honey at their celebrations and also during rituals dedicated to the gods. Until today wine and honey are still related to celebration and holiday spirit since in many countries honey mulled wine with spices is a classic alcoholic drink for Christmas.

It is undeniable that wine and honey make a very flavorful pair and if you have a little bit of experience in food and wine pairing you have probably tried the combination of cheese honey and wine. Our proposal is more unique and extraordinary.

Honey Liquorice sweets can be a great partner to a Syrah wine with medium tannins and medium acidity. Syrah is a full-bodied red wine and it has a dark fruity flavour, aromatic tones of smoke and a spicy aftertaste. On the other hand, Honingdrop honey liquorice sweets have a sweet and salty flavour that is boosted by the intensity of the wine.

This pairing option is perfect for a cold winter night at home or as a little treat after a holiday dinner. Apart from the incredible flavour combination, Honingdrop honey liquorice can also relieve you from sore throat thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of liquorice and honey, giving you one more reason to try this wine pairing.

 Smooth and soothing, honey liquorice sweets are a winner when you have a sore throat, or just buy and enjoy as a comforting treat whenever you fancy.

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The complex harmony of wine and liquorice

Liquorice has a flavour that is truly genuine, it is aromatic and bitter, intense and sweet, earthy and chewy, a sweet that brings us childhood memories. Whether eaten alone or in combination with other ingredients Liquorice can be an original treat to pair with wine and experiment with different levels of sweetness and acidity.

Take the risk to play with the aromas, the spices and the smokiness of those two elements, get creative, find the balance and most of all enjoy the process.

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