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Are You a Liquorice Lover? Here are 5 Things you should know:


Sept 03, 2021

The liquorice root is the root from the liquorice plant and has been used for centuries as a

sweetener in sweets, beverages, and also natural treatments. The health benefits of the

liquorice root extract made it a popular ingredient for many traditional medicines. However

liquorice is not only used for it's beneficial health properties but also for it's strong sweet and

salty taste.

Liquorice candy is a black chewy treat that is widely popular in nordic countries. In

comparison to other sweets, black liquorice is quite nutritious and it is considered to

be one of the healthiest sweet treats. The health benefits of black liquorice sweets come from

three key components that can help our body and boost our immunitary system in various

ways, those components are glycyrrhizin, liquiritin and licoricidin.

If you are a fanatic liquorice eater you will be surprised by all the different ways black

liquorice and liquorice root extract can be beneficial for your health.

1. Relieves from sore throat

A sore throat is a common problem that most of us face during wintertime. Mild sore throat

symptoms can be easily treated by using only natural remedies. Black liquorice has

antibacterial properties thanks to licoricidin. That means that it can help you reduce the

symptoms of upper respiratory problems such as the common cold. Modern studies have

also demonstrated that liquorice root can boost your immunitary systems defense to fight

against respiratory viruses.

The extract of liquorice root can soften and cleanse mucus membranes in your throat and

lungs with its antibacterial and antiviral compounds. One of these great compounds are

saponins that help loosen built-up mucus so it can be more easily expelled from your lungs.

2. Improves your dental health

Many people might be sceptical on that one, how could a sweet possibly help you to

maintain strong and healthy teeth? The same antibacterial properties that help you deal with a

cough and winter cold can also contribute to the prevention of oral diseases like dental

caries and periodontitis. An interesting fact is that in 2009 the University of California

presented a study about how liquorice root extract added to lollipops could be a great

solution for children since it can kill cavity-causing bacteria.

3. Helps in your digestion and also treating peptic ulcers.

Peptic ulcers can be developed in your stomach, small intestine or lower esophagus and they are

basically small sores that cause a lot of pain and discomfort during the digestion process.

These sores are mostly caused by an inflammation that is provoked by the bacteria H.


Black liquorice can alleviate you from the pain caused by ulcers thanks to its

anti-inflammatory properties. Two of its compounds: glycyrrhizin and liquiritin act in the same

way antioxidants do, so they help in the reduction of bacteria in your body. Black liquorice

also has a mild laxative effect.

4. Helps to improve bad skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Both acne and eczema are skin conditions that damage the surface of the skin by causing

redness, inflammation and the feeling of itchiness. Black liquorice cannot be considered as a

therapy to cure these skin areas but in combination with another medical or herbal treatment

can help your body fight against the bacteria that provoke this problem.

Furthermore, liquorice can be very helpful in the healing process of wounds and all types of

skin infections. Its natural antimicrobial properties work miracles for wound cleaning. By

consuming liquorice you can reduce the redness and the swelling at the wounded or

damaged skin and since you are limiting to the minimum bacteria, the area will repair much


5. Helps in reducing symptoms of allergic asthma

Allergic asthma is caused by an allergic reaction and a lot of people suffer from it especially

during springtime, which is allergy season. People who have it, often have difficulty

inhaling since their upper respiratory system is infected and inflamed.

Liquorice can be very helpful in reducing the symptoms of asthma thanks to its antibacterial

and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have demonstrated that the consumption of

liquorice has great results for this allergic reaction since the people who consume it can

breathe easier and feel less discomfort inhaling.

Consume in moderation and enjoy all the amazing benefits of liquorice treats

Liquorice is a natural product that can help us treat or alleviate various diseases and

infections. Apart from all the benefits mentioned above liquorice is also recommended to

people who are suffering from diabetes, can boost the weight loss process and relieve some

menopause symptoms.

As a natural product, liquorice does not have side effects for our health if used in

moderation. It is a product that you can definitely consume on a daily basis as a treat but not

in large portions. The same compounds that give liquorice its antibacterial and anti -

inflammatory properties can provoke some potential side effects if consumed in large


It is important to mention that liquorice comes in various different forms and it is used as an

ingredient in many products that you can find in a health store as well as our website, some of those 

are liquorice tea, throat pearls, laxatives, liquorice root extracts in drops and also the famous deep black

liquorice sweets. Obviously all these products don’t contain the same amount of liquorice

root extract as a result the recommended dosage is different for each one of them.

It is suggested to always discuss with your healthcare provider before starting consuming

supplements of liquorice since it can interfere with other medicines and supplements you

might consume. However, the delicious black liquorice sweets don’t contain big quantities of

liquorice root extract that could affect you negatively in any way. If you are a liquorice lover

now you have five more reasons to enjoy this tasty treat and take advantage of all its healthy


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