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Product Description

Introducing Wheel Mix - a unique blend of 3 different flavours of Liquorice Wheels - black liquorice, red strawberry, blue raspberry, and red cherry flavors in candy roll form. Our mix offers a perfect balance of chewiness and taste, appealing to fans of both traditional liquorice wheels and fruity options. With this mix, we bring together the best of both worlds for a delicious and satisfying treat. You will have three out of four types in your bag as it depends upon stock availability.

  • Roll and eat liquorice
  • Full of fun
  • Sweet Black liquorice wheels 
  • Red Strawberry flavoured liquorice Wheels
  • Red Cherry flavoured Liquorice Wheels 
  • Blue Raspberry Flavoured Liquorice Wheels.

These lovely liquorice wheels are also a great option if you like your liquorice somewhere between hard and soft! They have a slightly chewy texture but they’re not melt-in-the-mouth soft, so if you like something that will take a little work to get through while delivering a powerful and incredible flavour, add some liquorice wheels into your shopping basket and get ready with your tape measure.

Allergens  it will be listed in the ingredients on the product page of that item. It will be in CAPITALS and in BOLD.

The Common Allergen for this mix is WHEAT


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