Spring / Summer 2020 Lookbook – My Liquorice

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Spring / Summer 2020 Lookbook


The brains behind the madness.

You may wonder, who are we? Where do we get our ideas and what inspires us?

Let's answer the first question. Socool is run by a small team of designers who have recently graduated from fashion university. Our fresh brains are exploding with ideas, so we are always trying to put them into unique but brilliant creations.

Now for the question of what inspires us and where we get our ideas from. Our current 2020 lookbook is heavily inspired by the vapor-wave theme. The beautiful colors and themes seen in vapor-wave aesthetic have influenced why are shoes look so bold. We experimented with many different ideas from vapor-wave and stumbled upon Lego as a theme to incorporate. Along with Lego being relatable to the vapor-wave theme, we know how much people love symmetry and 'oddly satisfying shapes', therefor we thought the blocks on our shoes would be eye-catching, unique and especially bold.


Spring / Summer 2020


Be Bold, Be Unique, Bold Block