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Product Description

Our Italian Style liquorice wheels are truly tasty – rolled up black liquorice full of flavour and offering a little fun too! Unravel your liquorice wheel and see how long it really is, or if you can’t wait, you can just bite straight in! While you may be more familiar with Swedish liquorice, the Italians are no stranger to liquorice, with the root growing naturally all over the South of the country. Traditionally, Italian liquorice wheels were made using a spindle to hand-roll the warm liquorice into this well-loved shape. This black liquorice treat is strong and not too sweet, the gift that keeps on giving with every mouthful.

  • Roll and eat liquorice
  • Full of fun
  • Sweet Black liquorice

These lovely liquorice wheels are also a great option if you like your liquorice somewhere between hard and soft! They have a slightly chewy texture but they’re not melt-in-the-mouth soft, so if you like something that will take a little work to get through while delivering a powerful and incredible flavour, add some Italian liquorice wheels into your shopping basket and get ready with your tape measure!

Ingredients: molasses, WHEAT flour, glucose syrup, corn starch, liquorice (1.7%), stabilizers: glycerol, sorbitol: coconut oil, modified potatoes starch, salt, natural flavouring, glazing agent: beeswax. 

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